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K38 Surf Guide and Surfing Information

This surfing information is brought to you by friendly surfers here at K38. In exchange for this information, we ask that you be respectful of all the land, water, and people that you may encounter on your journey to Baja.

The Point
K38 image, surfer at the Point

This point is the longest wave in the neighborhood, and is the surf break that made the the K38 area famous. It is a right that can be ridden for about 200 yards. It is a slower wave, so a funboard or longboard is the choice board. There are however some faster sections that justify using a shortboard.

The Point at K38 generally picks up southwest to west swells, and is surfable starting at about chest high, if the tide is about a 2 foot tide or lower. The point will break on higher tides, such as 4 feet tide or more, if the swell is larger. Northwest swells do break at the point but don't wrap into the cove as well, therefore the ride is not as long. In the summer, the point is the best of all the breaks in the area about 75% of the time.

The Point at K38 is a good surf break for strong beginner and intermediate surfers. When the surf gets over head, some sets start to close out. Generally, K38 is less crowded than San Diego, and Orange County surf breaks.

The Left

Most of the time, surfers surf on this wave at K38 to transport themselves from Maria's to the Point, and back again. But when the swell is about head high or bigger, and the tide is generally lower, then it is a surfable left. At times, this surf break has a bit of a funky take off because of the reef below, but then turns into a slow left with a lot of cutbacks required.

This wave is better on a funboard or longboard, but many times there will be surfers on shortboards catching short rights. This is the least surfed surf break at K38.

K38 Image of surfer surfing a wave at Maria's

Maria's at K38 is a fun-for-the-whole-family type surf break. It is mostly a right, with an occassional left. It breaks over a combination of reef and rocks, and at times is the most consistant of all the surf breaks here at K38. On a low tide, it can be surfable even if the swell is only one foot. This wave tends to be best on west and northwest swells, from about 1 foot on a very low tide, to head-high on medium tides, while overhead sets tend to close out.

This is the best place to learn how to surf, and there are usually beginners out in the water when the waves are smaller. Fun boards and longboards work best here. This surf break is named after Maria, who is the wife of Jesus, who were the original owner's of the land in front of the surf break. They have both past.

K38 Image of surfer surfing a wave at Theresa's

This is another popular surf break here in the K38 community. It is a fast, shifty right hander that breaks over a reef and is generally better on medium to higher tides, and is surfable from about 2 feet up to double-overhead. The reef has many sections, so on some swells it can be difficult to get past sections, many times creating two or three distinct line ups. The line up can sometimes be difficult to find and step take-offs are common.

This wave has a completely different personality than the other three surf breaks in the K38 area, and is better for shortboards then longboards even though longboarders are out there. The ride at Theresas is generally shorter then the point, but at times can have a ride that is just as long as the point. The Point is choice for surfers who can surf fast, beat sections, and like to have a chance of getting barreled. During the winter swells, Theresas is usually better then the point.

This surf break is not for beginners, but fine for strong beginners and up to advanced surfers. Entering and exiting the water over this reef is difficult because of rocks and sea urchins. Booties are very recommendable, or enter the water well south of the break, closer to Maria's where the reef is much more forgiving.

Theresa is the owner of the El Morro restaurant and store, and is in good spirits.

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